Plating Thickness Measurement-Micro Test
  Micron Guage
  Digital Coating Thickness Guage Model-CG-M07
  Utra sonic Thickness Guage
  Table Top Model
  Table Top pH Meter
  On Line pH Indicator
  Pocket-Type pH Meter
  SMPS Based Hull Cell Rectifier
  SMPS Based Rectifier
  Digital Electronic Timer With Flasher/Buzzer
  Temperature Indicator & Controller
  Salt Spray Apparatus Model-ke-07
  Salt Spray Test Chamber
  Electroplating Rectifier
  Portable Plating Barrel & Portable Handing Barrel
  Filter unit
  Cross Hatch Cutter


SALT SPRAY TEST CHAMBER (Conventional Standard)

The apparatus for testing consists of a clased acrylic testing chamber,whare a salted solution (mainly, asolution of sodium chloride) is sprayed by means of a nozzle.This produces a corroding environment in the chamber and thus, parts in it areattacked under this severe corroding atmosphere.
Chamber Size: 1) (L) 910mm x (w) 510mm x (H) 310mm
2) (L) 450mm x (W) 250mm x (H)250mm
Chamber Construction Material : Acrylic
Hood In acrylic
Solution reservior tank (capacity-30ltr)
Control Panel (Temp. Indicator/controller, Time totalizer)
Power Requirement : 230VAC + 10%, 50Hz.
Extra Accessories : Air Compressor
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